Why Art?

Perry Ritter, musician and woodwind repairman, has worked with musical instruments in New York City for over 35 years.

Designed from the parts of saxophones, flutes, piccolos, trombones, French horns, trumpets and clarinets, Perry uses tubular hinges, saxophone key cups, rods and sax pearl holders to create unique and often whimsical pieces that blend the beauty of music and art.

Perry began playing the saxophone when he was eight years old. His dad owned a screw machine shop located in the basement of their home. "I learned how metal is changed into useful and beautiful objects.” You may notice a love of things that move in Perry’s art. Most pieces have joints that move or parts that can be removed and placed back on. It’s all for fun!

While at the Eastern School of Musical Instrument Repair, Perry’s talent was recognized and his name published in Who’s Who of Musical Instrument Repair. He’s been known to say, “I enjoy fixing problems that no one else has been able to diagnose or repair. When I am restoring a mouthpiece or checking tone holes for correct level, it never feels like work, it’s what I love to do.” Out of that love, Perry’s artwork was born. You can see his work at www.windygigs.com or at his woodwind repair shop.

Exhibited Work: